Welcome to My World

About Me

I am a former fair queen,competitive clogger, and cheerleader with an incredibly messy and complicated history (feel free to read about it at The Sparkly Queen Returns.) For the second time in my life I weigh 230+ pounds and have decided that it is time to do something about it. I have tried every diet and workout plan you can possibly think of:
  • Weight Watchers (3x)
  • LA Weight Loss
  • Diet Pills and More Diet Pills
  • The Cabbage Soup Diet
  • Atkins
  • South Beach
  • Michi's Ladder
  • Binge and Purge
  • Liquid Diet
  • Lapband Surgery
  • Personal Trainers (2x)
  • Gym Memberships (that I never really use)
  • Power 90
  • Slim-in-Six
  • etc.. etc... etc...
I am an emotional eater and my emotions always win. As they say on the Bachelor and every other reality show, "I am embarking on a journey." A "journey" that will lead me to happiness and put me in charge of my life. I will not be perfect, I will stumble and at times land in a triple chocolate cake, but  the one thing that will be different this time is that I will ALWAYS get back up.

Healthy Hugs and Sinful Smooches-
The Sparkly Queen