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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Da Do Run Run - Day 1 "Learning to Run"

Clearly I have not been consistent with anything lately except my ongoing cake addiction.  After a dream last night where I had the abs of a fucking Goddess I am back on the wagon.  Emily and I started our "learn to run" program today based on the book Running for Mortals.  Somewhat repetitive, but overall makes running feel feasible for those of us who would rather stick a hot poker in our tush in than run. Day 1 down...the rest of my life to go. What have I learned so far?

1.  Socks are critical.  I tried this a few weeks ago, and my new shoes blistered the bejeezus out of my feet. They make special running socks.  They are worth the investment.
2.  If you jiggle now, you will jiggle 10xs worse when you run.  Do not let this dissuade you.  Think of it as your body just shakin' that fat off or as a really neat trick.  Whatever motivates you the most.
3.  Get a good bra.  Running hurts the boobs...period.
4.  Invest in good shoes.  Have them fitted etc.  It makes a HUGE difference if you have 240 lbs of woman coming down on those knees and feet.
5.  The walk-run is an AWESOME way to start, and it makes the time go back much faster.  We walked 5min then ran 1 for an hour.  We had to skip a few of the runs because my arches were hurting so badly.  I think it is a combo of the facts that I haven't worked out in forever, I need inserts for my shoe, and that a lot of weight on my tiny feet.

 The book that inspired me to get moving.

 Who says Red and Shiny isn't beautiful?!

Lola was exhausted!  She collapsed as soon as we got home.

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Marie said...

I'm trying to "learn" how to run too, but I'm doing Couch-to-5K. That and starting really, really slow. (I could walk faster than I run. It looks and feels stupid, but so far it works.) I haven't heard of that book, however - I should check it out!