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Monday, April 4, 2011

Days 20 - 22 The Final Four

Can you believe that I have not been able to get my suntan on a single time since I have been here?!  It has been cloudy and cold every weekend, and this last weekend was no exception.  On Saturday I got a bit of cabin fever so I bundled up and covered up to sit by the pool while I read.  Sunday...I was all about the sleeping.  I guess the dreary weekends ensure that I rest up properly for the coming week, and this week is the start of WEEK 4...also known as my LAST week.  I am trying to keep focused on "one day at a time" like a good Alanon should so I don't let the stress of re-entering the real world corrupt my final days.  Week 4 is going to be about hitting it hard!  Steph and I took a second Circuit class instead of going to pool for the extra calorie burn.  Not only am I amazed that I made it through back to back Circuit classes, but I am mega amazed that I made the decision to try!  The mind shift that is happening is fantabulous.  I'm even noticing it with my eating habits.  This evening I skipped my dessert because I was...FULL.  Imagine that...I stopped eating when my body was like, "Dude, I'm done."  I am no longer eating like it's my last day on Earth, and the desire to do so is fading.  Sweet...right?!  Below are the pics from today's hike at Winding Way. 


Josh and Megan said...

is the pain in your foot still gone??

The Sparkly Queen said...

It is! I am so happy about that fact :)

Miz Austin said...

I LOVE the hat. Who told you to get that? Hmmm?

We should definitely make a photo album of your trip when you get home.

Love you!