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Friday, April 8, 2011

Days 24 - 26 Love, Hair, and Disco?!

Wow!  I can't believe that I haven't written for the last two days, or that it is already Friday of Week 4.  I have been so busy attending lectures, working out, and spending time with my buddies before we have to say goodbye.  The goodbyes are going to be more difficult than I ever imagined...one day at a time, right? 

I started the week trying to push extra hard, knowing that I would be stepping on the scale at 7:00am Sunday morning; however, by Wednesday I was experiencing serious nausea (a symptom of dehydration) and was totally exhausted.  I decided that it would be best if I took a step back and focused on enjoying my final days here by taking the classes I love instead of forcing myself to double up on classes I don't.  This was also a good reminder that this is meant to be a life-long change versus a quick fix. This led me to a wonderful spinning class where I experienced my very first "runners" high.  I totally hit a wall, pushed through, and ended up with a huge adrenaline rush...I'm talking goose bumps and everything.  It was an epic experience!  Tina, a hiking guide, has been leading lovely stretch classes that have allowed me to decompress, relax my sore muscles, and focus on controlling my breath.  Lastly...I LOVE me some Cardio Disco Jam (see pic below.)  It is led by John, the Fitness Director, who can really shake his groove thing.  It is a fantastically fun way to burn some calories.

On Thursday I had my hair cut, which was an interesting experience to say the least.  It looks ok when product is applied, but it honestly wasn't the quality cut or service I was expecting and the stylist was a little crazy-town.  This was the first service that I wasn't head over heels about.  It was nothing compared to the work of Dr.Ray or the massage magic of Jonathan, both of whom play you like Harp!  I suppose that a haircut will never compare to a rub down.

Thursday's Hike at Solstice.

Hey Stephanie!

Our pace has really increased!  We are so proud :)

Time for a bath.

Colter and his flute.

Mustard plants

Today's hike at Zuma Reverse

Wait up girls!  (Anne and Stephanie)

The ashes of a mother who was deeply loved.

At the end of Week 4 you take a trip to the grocery with the nutritionist, Jessica.  Hi Elaine and Stephanie!

James plotting his Starbucks coup.

Cardio Disco Jam! (Stephanie, Jason, John, Elaine, Adela, and Me.

Me and Sam...our version of the Prom Picture.

John...minus the wig.


Miz Austin said...

You look so great...and happy! EPIC!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow, although I know saying goodbye to new friends will be hard. But, yeah new friends!

Love you,

Josh and Megan said...

prom picture....hahahaha...that is CLASSIC!