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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Even My Ears Are Tired!

How is it possible that I feel more exhausted now than I did when I was working out every hot second of the day?!  In part, I am having a tough time adjusting to the timezone change; however,  I never realized just how much the stress of life and work impacted my overall energy.  In this moment it feels like I have weights tied to all of my extremities and one in each earlobe.  I have been lucky to have Emily to take care of our meals.  We made a meal plan before I left the Ridge to ensure we had a clear count of our calories and to prevent us from make a run for the Border.  This has been very successful and has kept us on track; however, the consistency of my exercise has been less than stellar.
Monday - Dynamic Yoga
Tuesday - Last Chance Workout video
Wednesday - Nothing

I think I need to stepback, revisit my goals, and reground myself...and I mean soon.  It's so easy to fall back into old-comfortable habits and for whatever reason really scary to think about making all of these changes.  I also have come the realization that I really hate workout videos...they bore the crap out of me.  Until we can afford a monthly gym membership, I am going to have to get creative and find something I actually enjoy. I haven't had a moment to breath since I arrived home on Sunday night.  I feel like I just need to make it to the weekend so I can get my shiznit together.  I'll keep you posted!


Josh and Megan said...

You will be JUST FINE!!! I can't tell you just HOW many days I've done indoor aerobics because it was TOO COLD, or DIDN'T WANT TO GO OUT, or MASON was SICK.... etc. BUT JUST MAKE it FUN!!!! That is exactly what you do...If you have an aerobic movie, then MUTE the MOVIE, and put on some FREAKING AMAZING MUSIC that PUMPS YOU UP!!!
You are in CHARGE little miss!

Miz Austin said...

You are very sweet! You (and I) will figure out something that works well. In the meantime we just gotta push forward and remember what it feels like when we consistently eat well and work out.

I love you!

Wendy said...

Sunday 1030 free hula hoop class @ discovery green. Saturday and Sunday free hot yoga and flow yoga @ 8am tinkertang@yahoo.comat yoga one. Dance/Zumba classes free at discovery green throughout the week. + other free Houston things. Brisk walk or run at the aboritum or in the bike trails.

I hope these help.


Wendy said...

Ignore tinkertang. Spell check error

Josh and Megan said...

okay...it's sunday....NEW UPDATE!!! How are you?