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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 10 - Happy Hump Day

I think today was an EPIC EVENT! I really pushed myself and was pleasantly surprised at what I was able to do.  My day started with a warm-up in the gym, followed by breakfast. After breakfast (hot muesli) we left for our hike, which was at the beach. I felt like God was everywhere...it was so beautiful and full of life (see pics below).  I also had commented this morning that I felt like playing on the beach, and I actually got an opportunity to do a little bit of that!  After we got back, it was time for Circuit, then lunch, an optional Spin class, Kickboxing, Mountain Class, and Water Circuit.  My booty is sore from the bike, my knuckles are raw from punching the bag, and my feet are still cold from swimming in the pouring rain...but I feel more alive and in touch with my body than I ever have.  It is so amazing!  It is such a gift to be here.
My KT Tape for Arch Support

Check out all of the rocks.  The last time I was here, all of these rocks were covered by sand.

Hi Steph!

My new trail shoes.  Still not sure they are the right ones.

Me hugging on Steven.

Aren't we looking good in Week 2?!

More of the rocks...the sand was a little softer.

Steven saving star fish...don't ask about his sweater.


Miz Austin said...

That is beautiful!! P.S. Will you bring Stephen home? He's a cutie! ;)

Josh and Megan said...

what's with his sweater???

Oh shoot...I wasn't supposed to ask!


J2 said...

It's beautiful to see your smiling face. Keep up the great work.