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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Days 1 - 2

I don't know if I have ever been so completely exhausted  in my life!  Last night I was really tired and tonight it is almost painful.  Don't get me wrong, there is pain.  For me it is my knees, feet, back, and lower abs.  For others it is their shins, shoulders, quad, and/or some other muscle I didn't even know human folks had. I would say this is true for all of the newbies...word on the street is that it gets better come Thursday.  I will let you know if that statement holds true.  Despite all of this, I feel AMAZING and can't stop smiling.  Ok, maybe I did cry at 8:50am on Monday morning during my first hike when I was dead last at the bottom of a steep incline when I realized it was either push through the pain or lie down and wait for the coyotes.  I got ahold of myself before it turned into full-blown ugly cry, found it somewhere deep inside to keep going, and I finished...last...very last...but I finished. 
My very first hike!
Monday's hike was an "assessment hike", so today we were assigned to groups based on ability.  My group hiked Paramount Ranch, which is a movie ranch.  It was so beautiful and a lot of fun.  Val Kilmer is currently filming a western there and we stumbled upon a shot.  I heard "cut", "quiet on the set", and "action".  It was all so official and not all what you'd expect on a 2 hour hike in what appeared like the middle of nowhere. 
Paramount Ranch
Is that Val Kilmer?
This afternoon I got my but kicked in back to back classes of Cardio Intervals and Total Toning. I was pushed so hard...but my goodness I was running!  I thought I was going to straight up puke, but I felt pretty damn proud too.  In the total toning I worked with a 15 lb medicine ball among other things.  Really tough, but really awesome.  Because I know there are some future Biggest Loser Resorters reading my blog, I thought I would try to incorporate little tips as they cross my mind.  Here are today's tips...
  • YES...you must bring a CamelBak (or buy one here) and you definitely need at least 2L.  You will and should drink the entire thing on the hike.  I got sick on my first day from not drinking enough water.
  • You don't really need to bring a water bottle.  They give you one.  If you do it really needs to have a pop top of some sort.  When you are bustin' booty on the treadmill there is no time screw off the cap of a Sigg.
  • Duct tape is a lifesaver for your feet!  It really works to prevent rubbing and to protect areas that have blisters, sores, etc.
  • Here are some more pics from today's hike....
    My new buddy Stephanie.
    The guides are in the neon jackets.  One leads, one is in the middle, and one is always at the end.

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Miz Austin said...

I love this! You are so funny and the pictures are so awesome. Totally give me a feeling of where you are and what your days are like. I love you!