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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Days 11 - 15 Week Two's Through

Solsitice Canyon:  On Thursday I hiked Solstice!  This a huge accomplishment for me given that it is one of the more challenging hikes.  I was totally last, but my pace was steady.  The reward at the top of the climb is a little waterfall and some pretty cool ruins.  Jake acted as my personal hiking guide that day, encouraging me the entire way. 

Jake and me.

So proud!

My homegirl Stephanie.

Bird of Paradise

The Miracle Worker:  Two hours into Solstice and my foot pain was pretty intense.  Add 5 additional hours of exercise to that, and it was excruciating.  Enter Dr.Ray.

OK...maybe he had on his scrubs...but yes, that's really him.  Anyways, he is the chiropractor who works on site here and has made a difference for so many people.  I initially went in to get my foot taped, then learned that the issue was not plantar's but an issue in my hip...20 minutes later my pain was completely gone.  COMPLETELY!  Not only that, but it has not returned.  Now THAT'S HOT!

The Weekend:   I went on the beach hike Saturday morning and had a wonderful time.  The weather was chilly, but I took some time to myself to sit out on the rocks, watch the waves, and meditate/pray.  Other than that it was pretty much about napping and laundry....the weekend, not the hike.

The view from my perch on the rock.

Happy Monday:  Time for the assessment hike!  There were several of my buddies in the van, which made the hike a lot of fun.  We were back at Paramount, but we hike an area that I had not seen before which was cool.  Lots of lovely sage and smell-good plants.  It is crazy how far I have come, and I actually wanted more of a challenge.  Seriously, I must be losing my mind!  Either way...Van 5 here I come.

Noelle looking lovely.

The Crew.

Chalk Live Forever (That's the name of the plant.)

White Sage

Hi Danielle!

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Miz Austin said...

I'm so impressed, every day, by your awesome-ness. You totally inspire me. And I'm so glad your footlett isn't hurting anymore!

Love you!