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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 4 - Tears, Fears, and Chocolate

It is Thursday, and I'm still waiting for things to click.  I had a total panic attack during Treading today, which kept me from finishing the class and sent me into tears.  I left the room, returned and finished the last 2 minutes.  It was so embarrassing and frustrating, but this time I actually asked a trainer for some support.  Sam was a contestant on Season 9 of the Biggest Loser and is quite the inspiration and hottie around here.  More importantly, he knows what we are going through because he has been there.  He reminded me that that when my heart rate increases, it is going to trigger my fear and anxiety, but nothing bad is actually going to happen to me.  The only way something bad is going to happen to me is if I stop...if I don't actually make this change.  We also talked about chunking my workouts into 15 minute intervals and celebrating my success at each of those 15 minutes.  Then he reminded me that when I think I can't do it, to remember that I have already proven that I can handle 2 1/2 hours of physical activity everyday on the hikes. 

Sam's before picture.

So in the spirit of celebrating successes, I am going to start identifying at least 2 things that I am proud of and/or excited about everyday...introducing "Today's Epic Events"!

Today's Epic Events
  • I completed a 5 mile hike!
  • The hike was on the beach.
  • I worked out w/out taking a break in "Ball Works" (This is sort of like basketball drills with a large exercise ball.)
  • I ate 1295 calories today and burned so many more
  • We had the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries (90 calories) for dessert...CHOCOLATE!
  • I asked for help when I needed it.
  • Stretch class felt awesome and worked out a horrible cramp that I had in my left leg
Lastly, here the pictures from our beach hike today.  You can also see some current shots of Sam.  Enjoy!
    Sam...contemplating life...or just trying to look good.
    The flowers were really pretty.
    A view as we started to climb.
    View from the top.
    The Ladies lookin' and feelin' proud!
    The Surfer and the Sea Lion.
    Sam being crazy!
    The dolphins...you just can't see them in the picture I snapped.


aMonthsQuest said...

Hang in there! ... Those emotions are stuff you NEED to feel & go through. I can totally relate. They get you so tired here that everything you're feeling is RAW... it's allowing you to get to the root causes of things. So, don't beat yourself up about it, you're doing the right thing. And BRAVO for asking for help. Sounds like that alone was a big step.


Miz Austin said...

I am SO proud of you, love. I am so impressed with everything you're doing and especially asking for help when you need it...I know that's hard to do. :)

23 awesome days to go!!! Get it!

Marie said...

It sounds like you are doing great. Because you really want this, you are overcoming lots of obstacles. Keep up the good work!