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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 17 - The Chiro & The Chili Pepper

First...thanks to everyone for all of the support from last night's post.  I appreciate the comments, the hugs, and words of encouragementm. Where I started today is not where I have finished.  I woke up with even more bitchassness than I went to bed with.  Whiney, complainy, achey, depressed, and exhausted.  Instead of one day at a time, I had to break it down to one hour / decision at a time.  So first it was breakfast...I went w/out a shower, or washing my face, or even putting on deodorant.  I just threw on my clothes, tossed on a cap and some flip-flops and went out the door.  It was muffin day...translation...I had eggs and toast.  On to the the hike.

I DID NOT want to hike.  Stephanie basically told me to get my shit and get my ass on the van (please note that my dear friend does not have the same filthy mouth that I do, so it was much more gentle and less cussy) but I got the point.  Back to the room...I deodorized...got my hiking shoes and got my butt onto the van.  Today I was last on the van...last on the hike...but I did show up.   

After the hike, my morning class, and lunch I honestly felt like I couldn't move another step and that I might go postal...spraying pink frosting everywhere causing complete and total chaos.  When these are the images going through your mind, it is time for some serious sleep.  I called and let Jenna know that I needed to take the afternoon to get some rest.  I needed to recover physically and mentally.  Two and half hours later I was starting to feel human again.  Add that to an appointment with Dr. Ray, and I actually feel like myself again!  I was carrying so much tension in my shoulders it was insane...I actually had a knot on the back of my neck...ewww.  He stretched my legs, loosening everything up.  My body is ready to turn this bitchassness into some BADASSNESS! 

In other news, I crossed paths with Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, today.  He was getting his shirtless run on at Point Dume this morning.  He also had this perfect 80's porn star stache that was beyond awesome. I'm pretty positive that when he said, "Not a problem, thanks." when I apologized for being in his path, he meant "Hey Sexy Lady wanna get it on." After we made out I wanted to take his picture, but that just seemed tasteless .


J2 said...

Keep rocking it out w your bad ass self! Way to keep on keepin' on!

Wendy said...

Im glad Dr Spedo was there for you. Did you talk to the other lady for your emotional turmoil? Big hug your way. I'm proud of all you have done and are doing! Wendy

aMonthsQuest said...

LOL ... "tasteless"... too funny!!! :)

I love your sense of humor (even your bitchassness attitude!)... just love you in general girlie!!

Always remember to take care of you... and when you just feel like you can't, then rely on those that care about you to carry you for a bit.

I'm gonna really miss you when I leave this week, but I know you're gonna ROCK your last week here!!!